Alexandra R. Castro






Mermaids & Desires is my personal style blog created in August 2013. After two years, M&D underwent a hiatus to rebrand the direction of the blog. Currently, M&D stands as a creative platform featuring insight on fashion trends, styling tips and beauty advice. 

OBJECTIVE: Establish credibility to become the source for a budget friendly, fashion forward style thru the inspiration of visual narratives

PROBLEM: Although it is evident that M&D has transformed through various impulsion of visual inspiration from the interverse, the blog (along with branding and content) lacked consistency and therefore hindered the creative process for creating content. . 

SOLUTION: Create a visual tone to make the creative process for producing content easier

For a few weeks, I used Pinterest to track my pins to decipher my visual taste. Reflecting on my activity, I was able to find common characteristics that I could apply to my aesthetics; high contrast black and white photos, green, simple backdrops, modern environments, and poetic placement of props and models. 

Based on the photos presented in the moodboard, a darker shade of green was selected which resembles deep waters and stand as a symbolic reference to the word 'mermaids.' A light blue was also added to the color scheme to embrace a whimsical yet modern feel, complementing the friendlier side of the brand.

I want Mermaids & Desires to appear more approachable and relatable, so I opted for typefaces that together can suggest a feminine, modern and sophisticated persona. 


I'm constantly on the look out for great scenes to complement outfit post ideas. I take into consideration the mood the environment would create with special attention to the colors of the walls/facades, textures and perspective. I study fashion photos from various sources, to determine what makes the pieces appealing; whether it be the stance of the model, the angle of the camera, movement, or the environment. I apply that when I'm behind the lens, directing the photographer and editing the photos.

                                                                                                                                                SS-16 STORYBOARD

                                                                                                                                                SS-16 STORYBOARD

Most of the outfits featured on the blog are inspired by designer looks that are found at an affordable price. I want readers to know that you don't need to spend a check to get great fashion forward looks. Therefore, the creative direction for the shoot is important to complement that idea. Once I determine the outfit for a post, I'll ask myself, "How can I make this look expensive?"

The storyboard featured above was used to direct the spring lookbook for M&D. Before a shoot, I'll research editorial images or my Instagram feed to receive inspiration for the composition of the photos as shown above. I will even add the makeup look I want as I've included the lipstick color I had intended to use for the shoot. 


The content for M&D is inspired by my observations in trends, designer releases, and styling hacks. My goal for the posts is to keep the visuals consistent and simple to allow me to create content in a time relevant manner. With product posts, I will often ask myself "What would make me want to buy it, besides the product review?" This helps develop the creative direction for content as I have started to use props to complement the products.