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Público: Catrinas y Calacas hosted by Rude Gents Magazine is an annual Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos celebration that blends a Pre-Hispanic tradition with the modern Chicago latino culture. This celebration invites city dwellers to pay homage to their departed by crafting and replicating altars and recreating a scenic view of an authentic Mexican graveyard. Attendees are encouraged to pay homage and leave photos of their friends and family who are no longer with us on the altars. 

This highly anticipated event embraces the senses with the use of aromatic cempazutchitl flowers, Mayan chocolate cocktails, and with the sounds of prehispánic percussion. Attendees are encouraged to dress up as the old catrina legend, faces painted fashioned as a skull and a stylish 1920's dress or suit. Público Catrinas y Calacas is a place to embrace the beautiful traditions and bring life to our beloved departed.


Alexandra Castro, Project Lead, Creative Director | Guillermo Duarte, Project Lead, Copywriter | Kris Lori Fuentes, Event Photographer

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

In order to attract our demographic we recognized the importance of establishing authenticity in the branding for the event. We wanted our guests to visually see, hear and smell our expression of honoring this highly respected tradition.  The branding was inspired by the cempazuchitl (marigold) flower that is traditionally used to ornate cementeries in Mexico and Central America during the Día de Los Muertos holiday celebration. It is symbolically used to guide the beloved departed back to earth from the spirit world. 

Digital Experience

Digital Experience

The website was designed as a landing page, using Facebook as the main driving source for ticket sales. 

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Event Experience

Event Experience

In our efforts to make this event a full encompassing experience, we sought to awaken all senses from our guest. We invited a mariachi group to perform at the beginning of the event which bought a sentimental value. I designed and constructed a grave that resembles the iconic tombstones that are typically found in Latin American cemeteries. All of the tables at the venue were covered with cempazuchitl (marigold) flowers which infused the space with a romantic aroma. 

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